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If you’re like us, the first time you saw a Bronco it made you do a double take. At some point in your life, you rode in or drove an Early Bronco and never forgot the impression, it left with you. If you owned one you discovered it’s one of the most practical vehicles, ever invented. It has near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, with chameleon like abilities. It can be converted from a 4WD station wagon (SUV to you trendoids), to a pickup, or open top convertible roadster, in a matter of minutes. It’s on and off-road manners are superb. It is inexpensive, extremely simple, and easy to maintain. With V-8 power, Dana 44 front axle, 9 inch rear, and actual room for “stuff” in the back, it came standard with everything the heep guys have to add, to their rides.

The love of this iconic vehicle has been the building block for many companies, over the last few decades, such as Bronco Design. BD was started in 1999, by Mike Standley, in rural PA. He set out to develop and produce the best fiberglass composite Bronco tub and replacement body parts, that could be made. The backbone of BD was the one piece roadster door inserts. These got Mike on the map and were the first parts to go into production. The tub took many years to develop and finally made its way to production, in 2010. What sets our tubs apart from others on the market is the inner steel structure. This carries the weight of the body verses the fiberglass. Another unique feature is the use of matched molds, which allows the bottom side of the tub, and aprons to be finished just like the floorboards. This carries over into our hoods as well.

After building 37 tubs and countless amounts of other parts, Mike needed to make a transition out of Bronco Design, as the demand was too much for him to keep up with, by himself. About this time, Rod and Corey Sunday had gotten in touch, with Mike, about purchasing a tub. They were told there was about 1.5-2 year wait for a tub, if he was able to keep the doors open, as he was having some health issues.

During a phone call with Rod, Mike discovered, Rod had extensive fiberglass experience and knowledge (45+ years). One thing led to another and we bought BD from Mike in late 2013. We moved the company to Nashville, TN. We have been busy over the last five years! 

We are very thankful for the support of everyone in the early Bronco community, has given us. The last five years have been great! We have built over 80 tubs and hundreds of body parts, along with introducing a few new products (full fiberglass hard top) and made a several improvements to current products along the way! Keep a look out for more new products to debut in the near future! We have several exciting new products that will be available in the spring of 2019! 

Check out our sister company http://www.nutechboats.com we also manufacture a pretty neat pedal boat! If you have the need for composites manufacturing or tooling work please reach out to corey@broncodesign.com and we will be glad to discuss how we can help you!

Happy Trails!
Rod and Corey Sunday, BroncoDesign